I just wanted to do the “regular” YouTube thing to do. 

I’ve already posted the live show performance a few months back. 

I’m already working on a new cover…but in the meantime, here’s…

“feels like home” 

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    This weekend was such a nice break from the past couple of weeks & all the stress that will just continue to build up...
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    so goood
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    I LOVE Melissa Polinar! I had the opportunity to watch her perform live twice and she is truly amazing. Such a beautiful...
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    This lady is so awesome. (:
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    Oh yes! :) I was wearing an “L2L” shirt sent to me by the lovely Taylor Thomas! :) Check all the stuff over here:...
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  16. bronxrebel said: I played this video on a Mac at the Apple store near Lincoln Center tonight. :)




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