New Youtube video! Announcing our “All Day” Release Week Contest!

Our debut single “All Day” is out today! Download it on iTunes here:


This week only we have a special “All Day Release Week” contest. To join, 
1. Purchase and download “All Day” from iTunes by Thursday, Dec. 29.
2. Take a screen shot of your “Purchased” playlist, so we can see that you’ve purchased “All Day”.
3. Email the screen shot with your name to legacicontest@gmail.com.

On Thursday Dec. 29, we’ll select 3 winners from all the submissions. The 3 winners will receive an autographed Legaci poster, an autographed Legaci T-shirt, and a request for a future Legaci cover. Yes! You will get to request one of our future covers =)

So download “All Day” and enter our “All Day Release Week” contest! Thank you for all the support through the years!

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Yooooo! My name is Chris Abad and I sing in a group called Legaci. My face resides in the Bay Area and I geek out. HELLA.

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